Dang you, Covid!

At Last! An Online Music Store that actually works! 

It is no secret that musicians are finding it harder and harder to actually make a living from their craft.  I have recently been struggling to find a way to sell my recorded songs since CDBaby's online store closed. I've tried different online 'stores' and haven't been happy with the results. Until NOW.  

I had tried Bandzoogle several years ago and it wasn't for me. But... they have REALLY improved! Great customer service plus excellent -and simple - delivery of products. 

If you are a fellow musician who needs a better web site sign up through this link . (Please note: I will get a free month of hosting if you use the link.) But those who know me know that I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't think they were actually a solid company that will make your digital sales life easier. 

Writing During COVID 

Like many performing artists, I have had to cancel all of my gigs.  That is not fun... but there is nothing fun about the health crisis our nation is now in. I am very fortunate that, as a writer, I can still put pen to paper. Or finger to keyboard, as it were. ANYWAY, I am very grateful to be working on a couple of big writing projects that are keeping my brain going and are immensely fun. So...I hope to be announcing one of them pretty soon. If you want to get the scoop, pleaase sign up for my non-spammy eNews list.