With Good Reason, Virginia Humanities syndicated Radio Program - December 7, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Songwriter Chris Anderson’s song “Just Change the Boundary” included in “With Good Reason” radio episode on Gerrymandering 


Virginia Beach, VA – December 7, 2019:  Chris Anderson’s humorous song, “Just Change The Boundary (The Gerrymander Song)”, is included in an upcoming broadcast of the Virginia Humanities nationally syndicated radio program “With Good Reason,” featuring executive producer and host, Sarah McConnell . The show will air on public radio stations beginning on December 13, 2019. Songwriter E. Christine (Chris) Anderson (BMI) sings and plays guitar on the recording, which also includes performances on piano, bass and drums by producer Dave Mallen with Seth Kibel on saxophone.  In 2018, Chris Anderson won Gold in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (Open Category) for the song about gerrymandering. “Just Change The Boundary,” can also be heard in the documentary “GerryRIGGED, Turning Democracy on Its Head.”

In 2004 Anderson won a GRAMMY in THE STREETS  from BMI & the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences for a song from her 2003 Christmas project, ”WAiT -It’s a Musical!” * For information on Chris Anderson, contact Chris Anderson . * For the listening schedule of the “Gerry-Rigged” episode visit “With Good Reason.” * For general information on the radio progrm contact “With Good Reason” contact : # # # Chris Anderson & The Harried Americans awarded commission…